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13″ Screen, 9 Color Choices, Carry Case, FaceTime HD Camera & Bluetooth 4.0
Help test Apple’s future software Everything you need to know about Apple’s developer and public betas If you’re a developer or a tester on the public beta, here’s what you need to know to get access to software betas.
After a many-hours outage, the Apple developer site is back — and the changes are profound, at least on the Mac end of things. On the iPhone side, users ar…
Pro developers only have to pay $99 a year to develop for OS X, iOS and Apple Watch
Apple this week slashed hundreds — and in some cases thousands — of dollars from the cost of its Mac Developer Program annual subscription, which now carries a flat fee of $99 per year.
Today marks the sixth anniversary of the App Store, which first debuted on July 10, 2008 in an iTunes update. App Store access came to original…
FAQ: What are these developer ‘hardware discounts?’ All things Macintosh
I heard rumor that you can get a one time discount if you join the apple developers connection. True? Any links where I can read the details?…
Hi, I have an app which is available both for OSX and iOS. Is it possible to make an app bundle of the two versions (similar to the iOS app bundles
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