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The craziest, awesomest, branding strategy yet! Get an ecko tattoo and save 20% off for life. Man that’s some creative advertising 🙂
Marc Ecko will give you a 20% discount for life if you tattoo the retailer’s logo on your body.
Permanent Discounts: Getting a Tattoo to Save Some Money. Would you get a brand’s logo tattooed on your body if you could get a lifetime of free stuff … Ecko Unlimited
simple promotions are better. the simplicity of this promotion makes it genius: get a tattoo of our logo and get 20% off for life. that’s it. the only restrictions …
At least three men have gotten themselves tattooed with a Marc Ecko logo in order to receive the dubious discount of 20% off of the brand’s merchandise for …
History of the Ecko Logo … Tattoo Discount. … They offered a 20 percent lifelong discount on all Ecko merchandise to any customer who tattooed one of two Ecko …
If you’ve always wanted a tattoo, but just weren’t inspired enough by anything to get one, Marc Jacobs hopes 20 percent off his clothing might just inspire you …
Marc Ecko discount offer: Get logo tattoo and receive 20 percent discount for life on merchandise
The Latest Ecko Trends. Biggest Brands – Lowest Prices.
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